About Us

My name is Jason, and I am the owner of Animal-Safe Wildlife Control.

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I am a Wildlife Biologist with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology from Texas A&M University.

I've been in the wildlife/animal control business for 18 years now. I have found that this business offers unique challenges that make this job exciting and very rewarding.

I owned a wildlife control franchise for eight years and decided I wanted to offer my customers more humane methods for wildlife control and removal. So, I started Animal-Safe Wildlife Control to do just that. Our focus is on using the most humane removal techniques while offering our customers the highest level of customer service that today's consumer deserves.

These days more and more wildlife litters are born in attic space. When these animals mature and look for nesting sites, they're conditioned to seek out attic space. Most of the animal species that we deal with are highly adaptable, and they must be; due to their ever-dwindling habitat.

Most people believe that if they live in the city or suburbs, they won't be bothered by nuisance wildlife. The fact is, for every animal you see crossing the street at night or on the fence, there are ten more in the area you don't see. Ninety-five percent of the work we do is in the "city" or suburban neighborhoods.

Damage done to homes by wildlife can be somewhat costly. Raccoons, once inside the attic, love to tear into A/C ducts; probably to get at the cold air running through them. Squirrels will gnaw around the exterior of your home. If a squirrel can get their teeth into a crack or gap, they will chew in with ease. Rats can squeeze through a 1/4-inch gap and usually enter on the roof under eaves, through roof vents, or dryer vents. Once inside, rats will chew on just about anything. Wiring seems to be a favorite.

You don't have to have a current animal situation for us to help you. Give us a call to get a preventative animal exclusion inspection and report.