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Wildlife Prevention Repairs are the First Line of Defense for Keeping Pests Off Your Houston Property - Results Are Guaranteed for Life!

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If you find yourself regularly hosting unwanted, wild houseguests, it’s time to stop the problem at its source.

Beyond providing humane animal and wildlife removal services for all types of Texas wildlife, we offer property repair services designed to keep the animals out! If you’re dealing with bats, rats, raccoons, or other critters in your home, simply kicking them out isn’t going to end your problem forever. You need to stop them, or their furry friends, from ever getting in again.

Step 1: Inspection & Wildlife Invasion Report

Our animal prevention and exclusion repair services offer a comprehensive solution to sealing all possible entry points for wildlife. Our Wildlife Control Specialists will do a thorough inspection of your home or building to provide a detailed overview and estimate for keeping wildlife out. Our inspection process will show you where your home or business is vulnerable to animal entry for all types of animals.

Following the inspection, you will receive an exclusive "Animal-Safe Wildlife Invasion Report" that gives you a comprehensive itemized list of all entry points that will allow an animal to gain entry to your home or attic with an upfront cost to animal proof your home or building.

Step 2: Animal Exclusion Repairs

After we remove any nuisance animals, we will perform all necessary exclusion repairs to make sure that your home or business is never invaded again. On your Wildlife Invasion Report, you will see an estimate for each possible animal entry site. We use only the best materials when performing repairs.

Step 3: Lifetime Warranty Support

Our products and methods have proven themselves over the past 25 years, which is why we are able to guarantee all of our repair work against animal entry for life. If an animal were to gain entry at a repair site while still under warranty, we will return, remove the animal, and repair the entry point for free.

Even if you don’t have an animal problem now, we can help make sure you never do.

The first step towards removing a nuisance animal from your property is calling Animal-Safe! We serve Houston, Waco, Austin, Bryan and many surrounding areas in Texas. Visit our locations page to find a Wildlife Control specialist near you!
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