Wildlife Removal

We’re Committed to Providing a Humane Approach to Wildlife Removal in Texas

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Unwanted wild guests can be evicted humanely—and permanently. Whether the problem is in your neighborhood, your yard, or your house, there are a variety of humane approaches.

Killing is not the answer to wildlife problems. Most people’s enjoyment of wildlife ends at the front door. Raccoons in the woods behind our house may be a delight, while raccoons in the chimney or attic may not. So what can you do when you want that uninvited guest to leave?

Our Approach to Non-Lethal Wildlife Control

Non-lethal wildlife control is an increasingly popular way to manage human-wildlife conflicts without killing and, in most cases, without relocating the wild animals. It is the most effective means of reducing or eliminating problems because it addresses causes—that is, what attracted the animal to become an unwanted guest in the first place.

Humane Animal Removal & Control Techniques

Our wildlife control methods are the most humane way to deal with nuisance wildlife. More people than ever are concerned with the welfare of wildlife. When it comes to wildlife invading your home, there is a fine line between solving your situation humanely and causing harm to the nuisance animal. Our wildlife control techniques allow us to remedy your situation quickly, but also to remove the animal stress-free with the least impact possible.

One Way Doors & Animal Excluders

Whenever possible, we recommend using one-way doors or excluders to allow the animal to leave through its normal exit. When the animal returns to the entry/exit, it is excluded by the one-way and will go to find another nesting area within its territory. It is most beneficial for the animal to remain in its home territory and the one-way/excluder allows this to happen.

Animal Eviction

We use the eviction technique in the spring for mother raccoons with babies. First, we determine that the noise heard is a mother raccoon with babies, and then we apply an eviction fluid to the nesting area. This fluid is harmless to mother and babies. The eviction fluid contains the scent of a male raccoon. This instinctually makes the mother feel that her babies may be in danger. She will then find a new nesting place and come back to relocate the babies within 48 hours or so.

Animal Removal: Raccoons & Squirrels Houston | Animal-Safe Wildlife Control - animal-trapping-and-pest-controlLive Trapping

In some cases, live trapping is the only way to remove a nuisance animal. We usually live trap armadillos and skunks because one-way doors aren't feasible. Skunks and armadillos are excellent diggers and would simply dig around or under a one-way. They are usually under a house or deck or digging up the lawn and flower beds. Armadillos will also dig burrows up under the home foundation.

The first step towards removing a nuisance animal from your property is calling Animal-Safe! We serve Houston, Waco, Austin, Bryan and many surrounding areas in Texas. Visit our locations page to find a Wildlife Control specialist near you!