Deceased Animal Removal

Has an Animal Died in Your Walls or Attic? We Offer Professional Dead Animal Removal for Houston, Texas Properties

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Animals often move into homes unnoticed and pass away in attics, behind walls, under porches, and in other hard-to-reach areas.

Their remains will often continue to go unnoticed until an overwhelming, unpleasant smell begins to make your home or business uninhabitable. The Wildlife Specialists at Animal-Safe Wildlife Control can locate the animal remains of any and remove them without damaging your home.

Dead Animal Disposal in Texas

Depending on the type and size of animal remains you’re dealing with, failure to dispose of a dead animal properly can result in fines in the State of Texas. Please consult your local laws before disposing of animal remains yourself. Or, call the experts at Animal-Safe Wildlife Removal for a professional opinion!

Animal Remains Cause a Lot of Problems

If you have discovered animal remains on your property, it’s important to avoid contact! Disturbing the remains can spread disease, insects, and odors that are difficult to handle without professional assistance.


Coming into contact with an animal carcass can spread dangerous diseases and parasites. A wildlife control specialist can take the proper precautions to ensure that the area is sanitized and cleaned properly to prevent infection.


Flies, beetles, worms and other insects will seek out animal remains to feast on. Often flies will leave their larvae inside an animal corpse. An animal removal specialist can properly dispose of the animal remains, along with any hidden insects that have made their home inside, before they can spread throughout your property.


Even after an animal carcass is removed, lingering smells can last for days and weeks. Our team utilizes specialized air deodorizers, neutralizers, and air purifiers to remove even the most unbearable odors from the area.

The first step towards removing animal remains from your property is calling Animal-Safe! We serve Houston, Waco, Austin, Bryan and many surrounding areas in Texas. Visit our locations page to find a Wildlife Control specialist near you!