Armadillo Removal Houston TX

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Damage Prevention and Control Methods


Our Ratwall System for decks is a proven exclusion method for all digging animals.

Cultural Methods

Clear brush and other cover to reduce habitat.


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Trapping armadillos is quite difficult, but we know all the best techniques and can remove your problem animal quickly.

Damage and Damage Identification

A common sign of armadillo activity includes shallow holes, ranging from 1-to-3 inches deep and 3-5- inches wide, which are they dig in search of food, which primarily consists of insects and grubs. This results in damage to lawns, gardens, golf courses, and other landscapes. Additionally, armadillos can damage driveways, home foundations and other areas of your property.


There are several species of armadillos, mainly distinguished by how many bands they have on their armor. Your Wildlife Control Specialist can determine the exact species of armadillo you're dealing with and recommend the ideal solution.


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