Bat Removal Houston, TX

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Bats can be a frightening guest to discover in your home, but don't panic!

There are over 40 species of bat living in North America, most of which are harmless to humans. While they can carry dangerous diseases, they will generally leave you alone if unprovoked. They are likely in search of a safe place to roost in the daytime, and if dealt with responsibly, will move out without any complications.

Risk Factors

It's important to be cautious around bats, as a slight percentage of them contract rabies during their lifespan. Although the risk of exposure to the rabies virus is remote, even contact is made with an infected bat.

Bats are also a common source of Histoplasmosis, an airborne fungus that can grow in bat dropping (guano). Infection can occur when bat dropping are handled, or by stirring up dust that contains the contaminated spores. Therefore, it is recommended that bat droppings are removed and the area cleaned by a trained professional with the proper safety equipment.


Bats that are trapped in confined spaces can often be removed by simply opening a door or window to allow for them to exit. If your property is experiencing an infestation, a trained Wildlife Removal Specialist can develop a complete exclusion and prevention plan.


Poisoning bats is illegal and usually leads to an increased number of contacts with people and pets in the vicinity. Repellents are generally ineffective against bats and may even drive bats farther into the structure.


Humans object to the bat's noise (squeaking, scratching, crawling in attics and walls), stains, and odors caused by urine and droppings. In Texas, most bat complaints occur in early spring when the weather warms up and bats enter houses via overhangs, eaves, unscreened vents, end construction gaps. Bats can squeeze through holes 3/8" wide (a dime sized hole). They occasionally enter the house through chimneys, open windows, and many actually get lost and enter the building interior after migrating through the structure to seek a preferred temperature zone.


Bats, despite their apparent value, are unjustifiably persecuted. Public education on bat conservation and responsible control methods are needed to keep bats around. Animal-Safe keep the bats around after they are evicted from inside the structure.